Welcome to this PHOTO shop! How does it work?

In my photo galleries you can create your own photo products for an attractive price! If you place your order before 1 March 2021 you will benefit from the special opening prices!

My pictures are ranked by size: Landscape, Portrait and Tiles Photos. And you can see them together in the Overviewpage

Take a look at the different collections and…. enjoy! If you click on a picture, the order page will open and show you the available formats. (Unfortunately, this is made in Dutch, sorry for that! But it’s very simple so I’m sure you can do it! And otherwise, don’t hesitate to contact me for help!)

I will help you to translate: “Kies je product” is Select your product and “Kies je formaat” is Select your size.

These are the available products:

Wall Decoration (muurdecoratie) on: Aluminium, Canvas, Cardboard (karton), Cork (kurk), Dibond (Aluminium with a white topcoat) , Forex (PVC foam), Plexiglass and Wood (hout). The available formats are depending on the chosen photo size and will be shown in your order page.   

Tiles (tegeltjes): They are my favorites! Click on a “Tiles Photo” and select “tegeltje” in the menu. Then let’s make a tile of this photo! These tiles (15 x 15 cm) are made of ceramic and you can choose from a hanging or standing system. What a brilliant gift! 

Garden Poster (tuinposter): Make your garden(door) even cozier with a weather-resistant garden poster! Possible for “Landscape Photos”.

PosterFor indoors, in different sizes.

Photo Puzzle (fotopuzzel): The “hype” in a lockdown period! Order the most beautiful photo and…… to work! 

Mask (mondkapje): What about a mouth mask? You can use the “Landscape Photos” to make one and click in the menu “Overig“. Then click on “Kies je formaat” and you will find the mask (mondkapje). Isn’t that funny?

Mouse Pad (muismat): Print your favorite photo on your mouse pad and enjoy it every day!

Enjoy your order!

When you have completed the order and payment process, you will receive a confirmation by email with the text “Bestelling ontvangen“. Congrats, you made it! Your order will be sent to you within a few days. 

If you choose a different sending (verzendadres) and billing address (factuuradres), the order will be delivered on the shipping address (verzendadres). If you need help, please contact me!

And please note: Every month new photos will be added to the collection!